3 IDIOTS (2017)


A group of friends embark on an adventure to find a classmate from university who disappeared without a trace on graduation day.
Five years later, at an alumni reunion, Felipe and Beto decide to look for Pancho, their classmate and leader who never made it to the graduation party. The three of them had studied engineering together and had shared experiences that brought them together in friendship, complicity and camaraderie while overcoming the terrible demands of the tyrannical department head.


Pancho: Alfonso Dosal
Mariana: Martha Higareda
Felipe: Christian Vázquez
Beto: Germán Valdés
Isidoro: Vadhir Derbez
Diana: Paulina Dávila
Emiliano: Enrique Singer
Don Diego Escalona: Rodrigo Murray




  • Director: Carlos Bolado
    Produced by:
    Miguel Mier
    Bernardo Rugama
    Jimena Rodríguez
    Executive Producers:
    Enrique Ramírez
    Ricardo Kleinbaum
    Vidhu Vinod Chopra
    Matthias Ehrenberg
    Adapted Script:
    Antonio Abascal
    Carlos Bolado
    Martha Higareda
    Cory Brusseau
    Cinematographer:  Javier Moron
    Production Designer: Alejandro García
  • Casting: Rossy Argüelles
    Jorge García “Porri”
    Camilo Abadía
    Original Score: Álvaro Arce
    Musical Supervisor: Paulina Márquez
    Sound Designer: Matías Barberis
    Production Companies:
    Greenlight Productions
    Reencuentro Films
    Neverending Media
    BoBo Producciones