Amar a Morir is a love story that combines romance, action, adventure, danger and suspense.

Alejandro Vizcaíno (José María de Tavira) is a young Mexican, who is an heir of a Bank emporium property of his controlling father Ricardo Vizcaíno (Sergio Jurado). Been force to marry against his will for his father convenience, he commits a rebellious act that makes him flee Mexico City.

In the way, he makes a wrong turn that by accident takes him to this small surfing town in the Mexican Pacific Ocean, a place that looks like paradise. Is an indigenous town call Ocelotitlan (Land of Tigers), Alejandro starts to discover himself, he meet the surfing world, the honesty and equality of the locals; and the most impacting thing for him is that he’s trap by the enigmatic look of Rosa (Martina Garcia), a exotic woman with a mysterious beauty that captivates his forever. Love in fist sight, like he never would off imagine.

But all paradises also have their tigers and serpents…

To be together, Rosa and Alejandro will have to fight for their love and freedom facing a big challenge. They would have to elude El Tigre (Alberto Estrella), the cacique/drug lord of the region that is prepared to do anything to destroy this love.


José María de Tavira: Alejandro Vizcaíno
Martina García: Rosa
Alberto Estrella: Tigre
Raúl Méndez: Tiburón
Mayra Serbulo: Amalia
Craig McLachlan: Nick
Catalina López: Flor
Sergio Jurado: Ricardo Vizcaino
Benjamín Martínez: Marcial
Silverio Palacios: Pancho
José Sefami: Pedro Gómez
Renata Campos: Patricia Vizcaíno


-Ganador de Mejor Película Hablada en Español en el Festival de Cine de Santa Bárbara
-Nominado a Mejor Dirección por Image Foundations Awards




  • Director
    Fernando Lebrija
    Fernando Lebrija
    Harrison Reiner
    Matthias Ehrenberg
    Fernando Lebrija
    Harrison Reiner
    David Wisnievitz
    Associate Producer
    Radu Ion
    Masanobu Takayanagi
  • Co-Producer
    Paula Jaramillo
    Jason Black
    Ian Richter
    Original Score
    Edward Rogers
    Radu Ion
    Production Design
    Alberto Gonzalez-Reyna
    Costume Designer
    Lupita Peckinpah