GLORIA (2014)


“Gloria!” tells the true-life story of Latin America’s most controversial pop/rock icon Gloria Trevi, who suffered an astounding fall from grace in 2000 after being accused of running a sex cult. This film is a musical drama that, through the point of view of her provocative, sociopolitical music, explores Gloria’s destructive relationship with manager Sergio Andrade and the explosive consequences.

It follows her rise to super-stardom in the ’80s and 90s – selling more than 20 million records – to her sudden, five-year incarceration in Brazil, after being hunted down by Interpol.

She has a baby in jail and finally gets a trial, and is found innocent on all charges in 2004. The filmmakers have optioned Trevi’s exclusive life rights, as well as the rights to other key characters of the story (including Andrade) and Gloria’s music.


Sofía Espinosa: Gloria
Marco Pérez: Sergio
Tatiana del Real: Mari
Ximena Romo: Alyn
Karla Rodríguez: Sonia
Estrella Solís: Katia
Alejandra Zapien: Karola
Alicia Zapien: Karla




  • Director: Christian Keller
    Produced by:
    Barrie Osborne
    Matthias Ehrenberg
    Ricardo Kleinbaum
    Alan B. Curtiss
    Sabina Berman
    Alejandro Reza
    Martín Boege
    Visual Effects:
    Raúl Prado
    Production Designer:
    Julieta Alvarez Icaza
    Wardrobe Designer:
    Gilda Navarro
    Image Design:
    David Gameros
    Isabel Amezcua
    Original Score:
    Lorne Balfe
    Sound Recordist:
    Jorge Juárez
    Sound Design:
    Matías Barberis
    Adriana Martínez
    Patricia Rommel
  • Line Producer:
    Luis Díaz
    Executive Producers:
    Matthias Ehrenberg
    Ricardo Kleinbaum
    Christian Keller
    Max Appedole
    Charlotte Larsen
    Anthony Picciuto
    Glen Himes
    Pedro Solís Cámara
    Ángel Losada
    Associate Producers:
    Eduardo Gómez Treviño
    Álvaro Vaqueiro
    Braulio Arsuaga
    Carlos García de Paredes
    Yeoshua Syrquin
    Elías Sitton
    Salomón Sutton
    Eduardo Sitton
    Christian Carmona
    León Levy
    Vita Vargas
    Salomon Helfon
    Production Companies:
    Patricio Trad
    Pelo Suelto México Films S de RL de CV
    Distribution Company:
    Universal Pictures